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Rio Planetarium receives Quanta Energia, a piece uniting art and science - Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Rio Planetarium receives Quanta Energia, a piece uniting art and science – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Planetarium in Rio – propaganda

The educational show for children Quanta Energia will offer five free shows, on Saturday (30/7) and Sunday (31/7), at Planetário do Rio, located in the Javea region. The play is part of Cultural Light’s educational programme, has resources from the Energy Efficiency (PEE) program of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and is run by a pair of “crazy” scientists from Mad Science, who provide scientific experiments on the day-to-day forms of electrical energy generation and use.

– The Rio Planetarium continues to promote shows and projects related to science and education, always working so that Rio de Janeiro has an increased role in the study of astronomy, physics and science as a whole – said Gladson Alves, President of Planetarium Rio.

During 60 minutes, participants will learn concepts about energy and energy efficiency in a fun and entertaining way, bringing different curiosities, such as what things insulate or conduct energy, how a hydroelectric power station works, how the human body also generates energy and what efficient equipment it is. A “Tesla Coil” experiment is also offered, in which participants will observe beams of electricity while working by conducting and isolating objects.

The show has been developed for children but appeals to all ages. Recognizing and using energy effectively is important to all of us. It is Light’s contribution to environmental education and the responsible use of natural resources. Our Planet Thanks You – announced Estella Alves, Marketing and Social Responsibility Specialist at Lite.


When: July 30 and 31

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Saturday – Sessions 11 am, 1 pm and 4 pm

Sunday – Sessions 1pm and 4pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Planetário do Rio (Address: Rua Vice-Governador Rúbens Berardo, 100 – Javea, Rio de Janeiro)

Indicative rating: Children 5 to 13 years old

Important: Persons must inform the local box office that they will be watching the Quanta Energia Show and will receive a wristband that gives free access to the venue where the play will be performed.

In order for the public to gain access to the Rio Planetarium session, they must purchase a ticket at the space box office. For more information, visit the web page https://planeta.rio/


  • 28 July 2022
  • Tags: art and science rio planetarium light show cultural tutorial Quanta Energy