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Review, intelligent and a listener: From Everson to Hulk, Atlético-MG's Turco adjectives |  Athlete - mg

Review, intelligent and a listener: From Everson to Hulk, Atlético-MG’s Turco adjectives | Athlete – mg

Antonio Mohamed’s face was serious, and focused on a journalist’s question loudly read by the press officer of a newspaper Atletico MG. The coach tried to describe in words the feelings of the first (dramatic) title won by the club, in the Supercopa do Brasil against Flamengo.

But in the blink of an eye, a wide smile broke out on the Argentine’s expression. Indeed, a smile followed by a cry of despair in the ice bath that he would have in an instant on his back. In less than 10 seconds, completely submerged in water and isotonic, he jumped up and sang “He’s a Champion.” Happy with the group of players that conquered the press conference.

The video above is clear evidence of the good atmosphere that El Turco has been able to build at Atletico even in less than 40 days. Nothing the chronology of addresses doesn’t help, that’s right. But the impression is that it is more than that. The 51-year-old Argentine, with Mexican citizenship, who arrived anonymously by the vast majority, has already signed for Brazil’s Champions group, the Copa del Rey and now, the Super Cup.

Muhammad was lifted up by Atlético-MG players at the Supercup title ceremony – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

And all this goes beyond the behind-the-scenes information about the environment at Cidade do Galo. It is evident and evident in the public interviews that the actors themselves have given over the course of Mohammed’s career of just over a month. From the starting line-up, from Everson to Hulk, Keanu just didn’t get the chance to go to the mics to pay tribute to the new coach.

Reviewed, playful, intelligent, dear, high spirits, personality, and a listener. Some adjectives used by Galo holders to describe El Turco

Almost in unison, the players repeat the light and cheerful atmosphere in which Turco conducts daily training at Cidade do Galo. On the other hand, they say that the coach is not only “good at revising”, and they praise the intelligence of those who knew how to listen and benefit from Coca’s historic work in 2021. It is little by little, without haste, that Mohamed is giving his “face” to Atletico.

a General Electric I collected a set of data from the main names of the actors about the coexistence and the beginning of El Turco’s work in Galo. Read the best answers below.

Gustavo Lima, Antonio Muhammed, Julio Haze, and Carlos Keni of Atlético-MG – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético MG

Opinions about the president

– The Turkish professor likes to go out to play. He put a different variant on this ball, which was different with Coca and Sampaoli. (Before) I’ve been playing with defenders who are close to me, and he’s changed, and near Alan, who has a great ball. He always asks me to try out to play short. If not, ask me to try a longer ball. But he always asks and gives us confidence to try to play and keep the ball.

– The winning team does not move. It won’t do much to bring about drastic change. He is really a good coach with experience. You know it has to come little by little, and change one thing or the other. What I have noticed (the change) is the dead ball, well trained. He also works a lot on tactics, and charges a lot of money, but I don’t see much difference for Coca. The gameplay is sometimes more pressure and when necessary we lower the lines, but we did that with Cuca as well. He’s early on, little by little he’s setting his style.

– If you notice it’s a file The charismatic type that every player knows. And benevolent, he tries to convey respect and humility and through work a lot of joy. I think that is fundamental, always in training, every moment we spend here always with the best energy and positive, and we hope that with work we can achieve this result on the field, which is the most important thing.

Guilherme Arana
The teacher is very reviewing. He asks for her at work, but he has come to help us. He’s a wonderful person too. He turns around and moves telling a little of his story right there in the gym. It is good to have this dialogue between the coach and the player. The trend is that things are going well.

Antonio Turco Muhammed, Atlético-MG coach – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

right Now
– Toriko is very funny, very kind people. In everyday life this style, sunglasses … It’s a personalityWho came to help us anyway. Super good man. He’s a coach who came to add things we owed last year. The pattern is practically the same (for Team Kuka), and over time we add more things.

He is a very smart guy, he tries to talk a lot. We try to hear what he tells us, and he’s also a good listener with us. We’ve talked a lot. For me, he is a very smart guy, and he has helped us a lot. Of course, it’s still too early to see results on the pitch, but he’s a very positive man.

Nacho Fernandez
– Turco has not made big changes, because it is a team that was so well formed with the work that Cuca left. He has given his touch of the game, winning mentality, high pressure playing style, but he knows that Brazilian football is different from the rest.Because they play two games a week and sometimes it’s hard to maintain the rhythm of the match he intends to. We try to press high, but when we can’t, we cross the ball line.

Antonio “El Turco” Mohamed made his debut as Atlético-MG coach in front of the white and white fans – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

Ademir (Kino hasn’t spoken yet)
– Look, it’s my first experience with a foreign coach, and it was very good. He is a very cheerful and cheerful guy who shows great confidence. And you can be sure that there will be no shortage of sweat and dedication. I’m sure we’ll get along wonderfully with him.

the structure
– He’s a man Very good and happy mood. It brings lightness to everyday life, to our work. It comes with a lot of will and desire to win. It’s the face of Atletico (…) He talks to us a lot. He knows what we have best, and adds something to give him back. That’s very good, because we ended up getting better during matches, trying to make life more difficult for opponents. He is Excellent person as well as a great coach. A man who brings so much joy to our daily life. (Compiled from two statements by Hulk on the authority of Muhammad)

Turkey’s Mehmet Wahlek in training Atletico MG – Photo: Pedro Sousa / Atletico