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Revenue sends messages to warn of inconsistencies

Revenue sends messages to warn of inconsistencies

The Internal Revenue Service has begun sending letters to taxpayers alerting them about the outstanding issues found in the declaration Income tax.

The so-called “Projeto Cartas 2021” is intended to alert that if an error occurs in the submitted statement, it is time to correct it and send a correction statement.

According to revenue, 550,000 messages will be sent throughout the month of July through the first week of August.

The taxpayer must take advantage of this period to settle the declaration before it is called or notified by the agency. Thus, he avoids acting and charging a fine. After receiving a subpoena or notification, the submitted statement can no longer be corrected.

To find out if he has fallen into the fine net, the taxpayer must refer to the declaration submitted to revenue in the “My Income Tax” service, available at kak. The manifest that is kept in the grid is the manifest that has an “extract pending”. It is not necessary to go to the Internal Revenue Service.

Revenue shows that it is important to verify that all declared values ​​are correct and that there is documentation to prove what has been declared.

In addition to the staggered backlog, in the “My Income Tax” list, information about refunds, share payments, outstanding debts, and information from previous years can be checked.

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