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Revenue Releases Consultation on Remaining Payment of IRPF Refunds – News

Revenue Releases Consultation on Remaining Payment of IRPF Refunds – News

The Federal Revenue Authority has issued a consultation on the remaining payment of Individual Income Tax Refunds (IRPF) for the base year 2022 and previous years this Thursday (22). According to revenue, R$304.1 million will be paid to 208,323 taxpayers. Deposit will be made next Thursday (29th).

Access to the site here

Of this amount, R $ 208.9 million will be allocated to priority taxpayers, such as seniors over 80 years of age, people aged 60 to 79 years, individuals with physical or mental disabilities or serious illnesses and those whose main source of income is teaching. . . The other amount, amounting to R$ 95.1 million, will go to non-priority taxpayers.

To check if a refund is available, you need to access the Federal Revenue page or use the app for tablets and smartphones. Payment will be made to the bank account mentioned in the income tax return or through the Pix key indicated.

If a refund is not received for reasons such as a disabled account, the amounts will be available for refund for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. For refunds, taxpayers can access the Banco do Brasil portal or contact the BB Relationship Center.

If a refund is not received within one year, taxpayers must request it through the e-CAC portal, available on the Federal Revenue website.

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