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Reuters and University.  Oxford: The Record is the TV Brazilians trust the most - Prisma

Reuters and University. Oxford: The Record is the TV Brazilians trust the most – Prisma

Record Journalism celebrates the results of the survey provided by the Reuters Institute and Oxford University, which evaluated the performance of all Brazilian press institutions.

It’s also a direct result of a job that takes more than 12 hours off your schedule, in all three bands of the day.

According to the new report, Record is the media that Brazilians trust the most.

The index was revealed by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, which used data from Datafolha in Brazil.

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has released the new Trust in News Project report on trust in news, with polls conducted in Brazil, India, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Among the data revealed by the study is the information that Grupo Record, together with Record TV, Record News and R7.com, is the media medium with the highest level of trust in Brazil, surpassing television stations, print newspapers and news sites, with an index of up to 68%, when two groups were added, one wholly trusted (26%) and the other partially (42%).

The survey, conducted by Datavolha in Brazil, heard 2,000 people on the phone between May and June. The work, according to the institute, aims to understand how different segments have different degrees of trust in the news, and thus help those interested in gaining that audience’s trust.

According to the same report, Band and SBT appear in second place, tied at 64%.

In contrast, Globo with TV Globo, Globo News and G1 ranked third with a confidence index of 59%. O Globo newspaper came in fourth with 58%.

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CNN Brasil scored 53% in fifth place.

Folha de São Paulo reached sixth place with 50%. Of the same group, Portal UOL is ranked seventh with 49%.

The state of São Paulo ranked eighth with 46%.

With 44%, BBC Brazil ranked ninth.

The newspapers Extra and TV Brasil ranked 10th with 42%.

The survey also showed rates for Antagonista, Terça Livre and Brasil 247, all roughly 20%.