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Piexes fell from the sky over an Indian city

Residents of Indian cities are surprised by the rain of fish

A strange phenomenon was recorded in Jagtial District (Telangana State, India) last week: “It rained a fish” during a monsoon storm.

Pictures posted on social media appear Many fish writhing on the floor of the streets and roads as residents collected them, soaked in heavy rain.

Piexes fell from the sky over an Indian town Image: Reproduction/Twitter

Inhabitant collects fish that
A resident collects fish that “fell from the sky” in India Photo: clone

The region has been hit by torrential rains and floods in recent weeks, after a red alert was issued in 12 regions for a period of five days. APB Live reports that the floods have inundated national roads, causing problems for emergency services trying to reach devastated towns and cities.

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“Rain of animals” occurs when Small aquatic animals such as frogs, crabs and small fish are swept into the water.

The phenomenon was repeated for two days (8 and 9/7). It could happen again in the next few days, as new storms are expected.

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