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Research reveals the most valuable skills in a leader

Research reveals the most valuable skills in a leader

The success of a team or organization depends entirely on good leadership. However, it is not only the position of authority that characterizes leadership as effective. In addition, it is essential for a leader to have specific attributes that enhance the departments under his responsibility. In this sense, the job platform has already conducted a survey that revealed what companies are looking for the most when it comes to it skills Leader.

The 12 Most Distinguished Leadership Skills

When a company defines and defines its goals, it needs a qualified team to deliver results. Therefore, it is essential that this team gets the best possible management, otherwise the expected will not happen.

Therefore, it is very important for companies to know how to choose a good leader who will be responsible for guiding the team. However, it is not always possible to find leaders with characteristics that ensure team productivity and maintain the quality of the work environment.

So Indeed decided to reach out to the managers responsible for building leadership teams and heard from them what skills are most in demand in a leader. The survey involved 504 professionals and was conducted online.

Check out what managers look for most in a leader:

1. Incentives

About 70% of respondents indicated that a leader should provide unconditional support and encouragement to their employees, both personally and professionally.

2. Interest

Attention was one of the most requested skills. Genuine interest in and concern for the team was a goal of 61% of managers.

3. Promote diversity in the work environment

For 53% of them, the simple fact of caring about bringing diversity and inclusion into the work environment is a skill every leader should have.

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4. Communication

An interest in hearing other opinions, knowing how to dialogue, and evaluating knowledge sharing means having good communication, a skill cited by 49% of respondents.

5. Emotional and intellectual support

As confirmed by 47% of managers, favoring the team by imparting knowledge and acting as a coach is fundamental for every leader.

6. Balance

Understanding that there must be a balance between personal and professional life is essential for leaders, according to 38% of 504 respondents.

7. Private lessons

Taking on the role of a consultant, transferring knowledge in a didactic way to the team is a very important skill, according to 35% of managers.

8. Evaluation

According to 34% of professionals, a leader should be honest when evaluating team performance and always bring objectivity to his assessments.

9. In-depth knowledge

Having a level of specialized knowledge in your area is essential for those in leadership positions, according to 30% of them.

10. Firmness

27% say it is essential for a leader to be very assertive when assigning work to his team.

11. Confession

Among those interviewed, 24% emphasized the need for a leader to regularly learn about employee benefits.

12. Feedback

According to 16% of managers, a leader must give constantly comment for your team.