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Rescue team uses sausage trapped in a drone to rescue a dog in a swamp in the UK

Rescue team uses sausage trapped in a drone to rescue a dog in a swamp in the UK

A dog has been rescued from a swamp in the Hampshire area of ​​England after search teams used sauerkraut fitted on a drone to lure it.

According to the British state broadcaster BBCMillie, a 3-year-old Jack Russell dog, went missing on January 13 and was eventually found in a swampy, muddy area by thin winds.

Thanks to the company the pet was discovered Denmeet Drone Search and Rescue Team, Using drones to rescue animals and people. The problem is that after two days of unsuccessful attempts to recover Millie, the team decided to use sausage as a decomposer.

Emma Oaks, the dog’s owner, told the BBC she was “scared” that her pet had slipped off its rope during the walk.

She was found two hours later in a muddy swamp on Longstone Beach in Hampshire.

“In a few hours the swamp will be flooded, so we had to start the rescue work quickly. Our drone pilot thought to tie a rope to attract food. So, after the risk assessment, we decided to give it a try. She was dragged about 300 meters to the edge of the mud, on the upland where we knew she would be safe.

(Facebook / Denmetronizer / Playback)

When all went as planned, after eating half the sausage, Millie escaped and fled into the woods near the A3 highway that runs through the area.

The BBC reports that Jack Russell, who went missing two days later, was found 5 km from the Gosham fire department and surrendered to the rescue team with interest and joy.