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Reporter Eileen Bast quits TV Globo after 23 years, columnist cites alleged reason

Reporter Eileen Bast quits TV Globo after 23 years, columnist cites alleged reason

International correspondent and reporter Eileen Bast has resigned from Globo TV This Friday (20), after 23 years of partnership. According to columnist Ricardo Feltrine, of UOL, the journalist asked to leave because she would feel “discredited” and without many opportunities at the station. The situation could have deteriorated in the past two years.

A professional specializing in economics, did not see prospects for growth in the company. Eileen was a reporter in New York from 2011 to 2016, and she considered the lack of other places in the house unfair. Bast rarely publishes stories in Journal Nacional, which is why she felt like she was left out of the programme.

The journalist also appeared in SP2 and Jornal da Globo. She holds a BA in Journalism from Faculdade Cásper Libero and in Economics from the University of São Paulo. At the Marinho family station, he had stints at Bom Dia Brasil, Jornal da Globo and Fantástico. In 2007, he took charge of Mundo S/A, at GloboNews.

Eileen has been a reporter in New York for many years. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
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In 2014, Eileen experienced a defining moment in her career, as she covered the Oscars. “It was my first time on the red carpet, for me, it was such a big emotion because I always watched the party on TV.She said in the broadcast. Notícias da TV sought, and the journalist did not comment on the resignation request.

Since a week, Michael Barros, He also left Globo’s main broadcaster in Sao Paulo, Globo. The presenter has been with the company for 12 years. The motivation, according to NTV, will be the same: a lack of growth prospects.

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