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Renato creates a "school" and Ferreira's director insinuates: "If you are in Flamengo, you are in the national team."  The nation sees an average online

Renato creates a “school” and Ferreira’s director insinuates: “If you are in Flamengo, you are in the national team.” The nation sees an average online

For several years, Renato Gaúcho tried to destabilize Flamingo On the psychological side while leading Grêmio in the crucial games. Most of the time, it failed. The most famous attempt was in 2019. In the semi-finals of Libertadores, after a 1-1 draw in the first match in Porto Alegre, Robro Negro led Jorge Jesus 5-0 mercilessly to Maracana. resolution. The Portuguese, therefore, ended up discussing the best technician of the time on Brazilian soil.

But it seems that even with his departure from the gaucho club, it seems that Renato has gone to school and the name Flamengo is still a reference in Grêmio. Shortly before, the forward’s manager Ferreira, a Tricolor staple and Gauchau’s best player, gave an interview and blew up the former coach. According to Pablo Bueno, his student should have had more space in the team even before Tiago Nunes took over.

“Renato put a lot of bad things into play (…). Professor Thiago Nunes should be congratulated, he gave confidence to Ferreira. If he wasn’t ready, what about so badly they contracted gold? I think Renato was tired of Grêmio If Ferrera is in Flamengo, he is in the Brazilian national team now. “Ferreira’s representative told Radio Grenal.

Ferrera is Grêmio’s highlight in 2021 and was the star of Gauchão (Photo: Silvio Avila / Getty Images Brasil)

With sharp dribbling and good finishing power, the 23-year-old striker was one of the highlights of Grêmio’s crushing attacking system early in the season. Ferrera scored 16 goals in a total of 79 matches for Tricolor’s side. Recently, his manager has been pressuring the club to increase its salary to accept the contract renewal.

To many Flamengo fans, Pablo Bueno’s comments seemed “average” to Ferreira’s manager. While Grêmio called up only Matthews Henrique and Breno for the Olympic team, Flamengo saw 4 players: Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro for the main team, Gerson and Pedro for the Olympic team. Not to mention Isla and Arrascaeta for their respective countries.

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