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Renato Augusto decisive and Cantello Avadoo;  See notes from Corinth

Renato Augusto decisive and Cantello Avadoo; See notes from Corinth

Playing away from home on Sunday night (8), Corinthians beat RB Bragantino 1-0, for the fifth round of the 2022 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. The only goal of the match was scored by Renato Augusto, in the second half. As a result, Timao reached 12 points and stayed ahead of the isolated competition.

live from Corinthianssent by UOL Esporte After the Timão games, journalists Vitor Guedes and Ricardo Perrone analyzed the individual performances of players led by Vitor Pereira at Bragança Paulista. (see notes below)


Vitor Geddes: It was necessary when needed – 7.5

Riccardo Peroni: There was little demand, but he saved important saves – 7

Rafael Ramos

Vitor Geddes: He was very shy in support. I didn’t think she lacked a sweat in defense, but she was football focus on defense 4

Riccardo Perrone: Aside from the aerial part, he was a guard dog in defense. In the attack, it was a little ghost – 6


Vitor Geddes: No ratings

Riccardo Peroni: Uncategorized

Raul Gustavo

Vitor Geddes: Proved to be true and safe – 6.5

Riccardo Perrone: It was firm and certain today. I crossed the point in a few plays – 7


Vitor Geddes: He did it safely. It is far from its best stage, but it is very useful, especially in big games – 6.5

Riccardo Perrone: I liked him very much – 7

Bruno Melo

Vitor Geddes: He’s a very conservative player with a regular role Corinthians. did not commit – 5

Riccardo Perrone: He was very demanding in defense and he didn’t deliver on Rabadora. You didn’t have a great performance on the part – 5.5

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de Queiroz

Vitor Guedes: He played very well in defense and helped. He managed to play with Cantelo by his side – 7.5

Riccardo Perrone: Every day I see more development in him. Record well, help and support well. 8


Vitor Geddes: Nothing to do with Corinthians. Living in a different world – 3

Riccardo Perrone: He played in his own wonderful world. Inattention and missed passes. He doesn’t fit the profile of what the team vice president wants. 4

what is

Vitor Geddes: He came and helped de Queiroz – 6

Riccardo Perrone: Note 5 – 5

Renato Augusto

Vitor Geddes: Scored the winning goal in a tough attempt – 8

Riccardo Perrone: I didn’t perform at his level, but Renato Augusto was standard when he had the chance to give up. Decisive – 8

mosquito gustavo

Vitor Geddes: No ratings

Riccardo Peroni: Uncategorized

Gustavo Mantuan

Vitor Geddes: Sorry, he created almost nothing – 5

Riccardo Perrone: Very conservative. Need to get more involved in the game – 5

Junior Moraes

Vitor Geddes: I don’t remember any of his plays as a striker – 4

Riccardo Perrone: Note 5 – 5


Vitor Geddes: Less technical to him than most. Donate himself as a worker – 7.5

Riccardo Peroni: Another great match from him. The labeling assistance was very demanding, but it did the job well. At first, he did what he knew how to do. He lacks a partner to record and follow his beat- 8.5

Roger Geddes

Vitor Geddes: Again he was distracted and making ridiculous passes. Some missed opportunities to finish. If you want to play ball, you have talent – 4

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Riccardo Perrone: He didn’t follow logic. very low – 4.5

John Victor

Vitor Geddes: He entered and participated less than others in defense – 6

Riccardo Perrone: Maintain your defensive style during the match – 6

Victor Pereira

Vitor Geddes: I like the changes and the method Corinthians They fought for the result. His changes avoided a tie, the team defended better – 7.5

Riccardo Perrone: With the starting line-up, he managed to neutralize Bragantino. He did his homework well as he studies the opponent. I didn’t get why Cantillo was included, I did understand the changes, but I think Corinthians came back too far in the end – 6

The next edition of Live do Corinthians will be on Wednesday (11), right after the match against Portuguesa-RG, in the Copa del Rey. You can follow the live broadcast on the channel UOLIn the a program score board UOLat Corinthian page on UOL Esporte or not UOL Esporte YouTube channel.