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Renata Capucci reveals Parkinson's diagnosis: 'I'm fine, I'm happy' - Quem

Renata Capucci reveals Parkinson’s diagnosis: ‘I’m fine, I’m happy’ – Quem

Renata Capucci reveals her Parkinson’s disease diagnosis (Image: Engage/Instagram)

Journalist Nice Renata Capucci, 49, revealed that she had Parkinson’s disease four years ago. Her interview appeared on the podcast. that’s coolwhich was broadcast on Sunday (26).

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“I thought a lot about this moment. I knew it would come and it would come at the right time, when I will feel exactly the way I do today: strong, confident and happy. It is not easy. But it is not the end. I invite you to win prejudice and misinformation about this and other neurological diseases. Degenerative disease that affects a lot of people – like me – on our podcast that’s coolRenata said. The episode is still talking to the actress Gotta Streiserwho revealed this week that she has MS.

“It’s my time, it’s my turn to free myself. Because living with this secret is bad. You feel like you’re living a fake life, because some part of you is, and you keep hiding the other part from others, in my case most people, because I’m a public person. I’ve been diagnosed with a disease Parkinson’s in October 2018, when I was 45. Today, I am 49 years old, who noticed the first symptoms during the recordings. pop star pop singerwho was among the finalists for the competition.

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“I was in the middle of the program pop star pop singer, in which she participated, and sang it. I started getting diagnosed a little earlier. I started limping and people said to me, “Why are you limp, Renata?” And I said: I’m not lame. I didn’t realize I was lame. Then I went to physical therapy and orthopedic treatment and things didn’t change. Then at a certain moment, in the middle pop star pop singerAfter the sixth program, I was home and my arms rose on their own, stiff. And my husband, a physician, right after the program took me to a hospital who had a neurological emergency and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It fell like an anvil over my head.”

Renata said that she takes care of her health and that she faces the disease head on. “I’m just here to tell you this, whoever is listening to the podcast, because I’m alive. After four years, I’m fine, I’m happy. I don’t want to become a martyr. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. On the contrary, I’m proud of the track My path. I’m proud of the way I’m facing this disease, because I’m facing it head-on today. I’ve been through all the stages, depression and denial. Today, I’m in stage five where I look at this disease in the face and say, “Mr. Parkinson, you have, you don’t have me.” “. I do everything I can with exercise, with medication and have a positive life. I feel happy, despite everything. I don’t take caffeine because of Parkinson’s disease, I take all the substances. I don’t feel weak.”

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