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Renata apologizes to Corinthians fans, but asks for respect

Renata apologizes to Corinthians fans, but asks for respect

Presenter Renata Fan of Jojo Aberto of Band took a stand on the speech on Yesterday’s show (20) that generated Controversy with Corinthians fans. Speaking to Chico Garcia, she said that the commentator does not match Corinthians For being a “thoughtful man”.

Renata Fan clarified the comment that she’s a “crazy, fanatical, and Malukira” fan on the field, and Chico Garcia is more relaxed, he doesn’t make that profile.

“We have that path here on The Seriousness Show and Breaking News. But there’s also a joke. It’s just that people don’t always interpret what’s being said the way we want it to be interpreted,” Renata said. program (21). “I’ve never wanted to talk about social class, differentiation. Do you know why? When you enter the stadium, you’re not of adulthood, you’re not male or female, you don’t have a career. On the field, the fans are the same,” he continued.

Regarding the criticism from Corinthians fans, Renata Fan stated: “If anyone feels offended, if anyone thinks I’ve crossed the line, if anyone thinks I’ve done something dangerous, I apologize, I take a step back, because it’s not realistic. I’m a fan who doesn’t just respect Timão fans. He respects all fans.

Despite the apology, the presenter also took the opportunity to defend herself. “I’m not going to accept people calling me prejudice. I’m a winning person in this profession, I wear high heels, dress up, make up, do my nails, have long hair, and be feminine (…). I have to respect my audience, but I must also be respected.”

Renata Van ended her speech wondering how she was treated. And the program presenter declared, “To you, who sent me hatred and malice yesterday, I return you with love and affection. I hope you do not go through what you went through and do not be judged unfairly.”

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