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Relations between the United States, Russia and China – Comment

A series of international reports involving the United States, Russia and China show that relations between the planet’s major military powers are experiencing a moment of tension beyond normal.

The first news was that President Joe Biden was interviewed by journalist George Stefanofoulos on ABC television. Biden agreed with Stephenopoulos that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a murderer. He also said that Putin would “pay the price” for interfering in the US election, according to a recent US intelligence report in support of former President Donald Trump.

The Russian response was immediate and the US ambassador was summoned to Moscow for “consultations”. You know, in the ballet of diplomacy, this is a gesture of deep dissatisfaction. The Russian president’s explanation is that “the relationship between the two countries should not be allowed to deteriorate irreparably.” Immediately following the statement, Putin said he wished Pidan a “long life” and that the US president had then identified the characteristics of his own personality with others.

It is very unusual for a head of state to call another a murderer in peacetime. President Biden is an experienced politician who has served as Republican vice president and senator for decades. Of course, he was well aware of the consequences of his speech. In doing so, one can believe that it was only intended to increase tensions with the Russians.

But this is not the latest phenomenon to emphasize the relationship between the two powers. Russian company Gosprom is at the forefront of setting up North Stream 2 gas pipelines, which will double the amount of natural gas the Russians sell to Germany. It is a 1,200 km project that is already 94% complete and will connect the two countries across the Baltic Sea. The United States strongly opposes the plan, which it aims to “divide Europe and weaken its energy security,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on March 18. Because the pipeline passes through Ukraine, it does not receive royalties because the gas passes through its borders in this way. In the same announcement, the Americans reiterated the sanctions already in place for companies working on the pipeline, and say they could be extended if new companies are identified. This is an important issue because it includes friendly Germany, which protects the gas pipeline system.

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To end recent violations in US-Russian relations, the Russian ambassador to Sarajevo wrote an article saying that Russia would have to “react” if Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the US-led Western military alliance NATO. The Bosnians are moving to join the coalition. The country, with the exception of Serbia and Kosovo, whose sovereignty is still open, is the only non-NATO country in the Balkans. Montenegro joined the coalition in 2017 and became a member of Northern Macedonia last year.

At the same time, in Alaska, a “high-level dialogue” was taking place between the United States and China. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Chinese High Commissioner Yang Jiechi. Although they ended in a mild tone and were exchanged with good intentions as usual, the talks began in a very harsh tone, with Blinken saying that the United States maintains an international order based on rules, without which the world would be much more violent. He said the United States considers China’s actions in dealing with Yuhair minorities, in the Xinjiang region, and in relation to Taiwan and Hong Kong, in addition to cyber attacks on the United States and China’s economic coercion with US allies. Violates this. Order based on international rules.

Yang Jiechi responded in the same tone, saying that China, as in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, was strongly opposed to interfering in its internal affairs, and that the United States was “not in a position to teach” lessons for China and should focus on their own issues related to human rights respect.

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The Russians and Chinese have come very close, even militarily. The sanctions imposed on the Russians by the Americans and Europeans due to the annexation of Crimea and the Russian military operation in Ukraine encouraged them to access China, which significantly expanded trade with the Russians and provided many projects for the belt and road initiative, the largest northern neighbors.

Moments of Crisis and Increased Tensions Skilled politicians are needed in selecting moments to increase and cool those tensions. We hope this is the situation for everyone involved.