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Reinaldo Telles on African tourism – Jornal da USP

African tourism is a tourism concept in which racial and ethnic issues are placed outside of entertainment, but rather from the narratives of diaspora blacks and Africans.

by Paolo Caposo

USP . magazine

Diversity in Science #37: Rinaldo Telles on Afro-tourism


At Diversidade em Ciência, Ricardo Alexino Ferreira interviews Reinaldo Miranda de Sa Telles, Professor in the Department of Public Relations, Advertising and Tourism in the School of Communication and Arts at the University of the South Pacific. He holds a PhD in Communication, Tourism and Leisure Sciences from ECA-USP.

He is also Professor in the Graduate Program in Humanities and Other Laws and Legalities at the University of the South Pacific and holds a degree in Psychoanalysis, with an orientation in Freudian theory at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies.

Rinaldo Telles is the author of books New Horizons for Tourism Studies: Dialogue with International Relations (by Editora Inmod); tourism and environment; And the Geographical foundations in tourism (Both by Editora Campus/Elsevier), among other books.

In Scientific Diversity Today (21) Rinaldo Telles talks about Afro-tourism.

Diversity in science

a Diversity in science is a scholarly publishing program focused on the sciences of diversity and human rights, broadcasting every Monday at 1pm, with replays every Tuesday at 2am and Saturday at 2pm, with guidance and presentation by a journalist and professor at ECA-USP and University of the South Pacific Commission on Human Rights, Ricardo Alexino Ferreira, and voiceover by Joao Carlos Miguel.

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