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Register your CV in 3700 job opportunities in public services

Register your CV in 3700 job opportunities in public services

The time is right for workers looking for a job working in the field of public services. Companies across the country no less than 3775 job opportunities Available in different locations.

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Many companies are looking for professionals with a high school education, but some may require high school education and/or specific skills.

Check open positions: general assistant; housekeeper cleaning assistant; public services assistant; Acting Leader Cleaning Maintenance; gardener; housekeeper; cleaning supervisor; maintenance assistant; day laborer; furniture maintenance assistant; Mason canning operator. Among other things.

Part of the vacant positions is intended for people with disabilities, whether it is of a hearing, physical, mental, visual or any other nature. It is worth noting that the contracts also differ, but most of them are for an effective system (CLT).

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Are you interested and would you like to run for one of these positions? See the step-by-step process for applying:

  1. arrive to InfoJobs Portal;
  2. Use the filters at the top of the screen;
  3. Select the advertisement you want and carefully read the information;
  4. click in “Resume recordingand fill in your information;
  5. Wait for the company to return with more details on the next steps.
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