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Regis Taddeo blasts Juliet’s new song “Femme Galobar” and calls the singer “talentless”

Regis Taddeo blasts Juliet’s new song “Femme Galobar” and calls the singer “talentless”

Regis Taddeo blasts Juliet and new song “Faye Gallobar”.

Image: Reproduction, YouTube/Instagram/Purepeople

Music critic Regis TadeoIt sparked controversy on social media By blasting the new song he wrote Juliet , “Come on Gallup”. The path that is at the beginning will be launched before AnitaShe was widely criticized for her words, Some netizens consider her “deconstructed”.. On Friday (21), Regis posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he describes the “Russian Pagoda” mod as “musical fertilizer”.

Regis Tadeau calls Juliet’s new song “crap”

“I wasted a few minutes of my life listening to another piece of rubbish recorded by this talentless woman, and I was shocked by this rubbish,” the journalist declared, sparing no insult. To a hero “Big Brother Brazil 20”. After that, he criticized the fans in Tengo’s voice: “It’s worse to see people consuming this kind of content, it’s real music bullshit!”

As mentioned by the YouTuber Louise Gonzaga, translator of the original version of “Pagode Russo” and belittles the brunette’s work. “What shocks me most is that this song is a criminal version of the song “Pagoda Russo” by the late legendary Luiz Gonzaga, who at this time must be turning over in his coffin to avoid expelling all the participants in this horrific production,” he concluded.

On X, formerly Twitter, many people were angered by Regis’s harsh words. “Imagine being over 60 and insulting an artist for being so upset, you idiot,” one person wrote on the platform. “I’m terrified of these elitist men who think they’re better than everyone else. Diva Juliet!…

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