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Refereeing does not hide cowardly football from Philippao

Refereeing does not hide cowardly football from Philippao

Gabigol He can be sent off in the first half. Arascaeta, in the end, too. A penalty could have been imposed against Atletico. Flamengo continue to shamefully lose goals.

All this can be said for Wednesday night’s goalless draw in the Maracana for the Copa del Rey. But nothing hides, nothing overwhelms me football A coward from the Parana team.

We’re in 2022 and we’re still living with the fight against the game, the ball being denied, and the attacking. Work composed by Luiz Felipe Scolari. Nothing special was seen in Rio de Janeiro.

Had they defended well, Atlético Flamengo would not have given so many chances. There were several of them, who pretty much dominated most of the confrontations.

And defeat was not formed by mere detail. Also due to the chronic incompetence of presentations that has characterized the Carioca team for years. And with different coaches.

Hurricane has been organized and invested for the season and has good players. He can play more, even if cautious, and defend himself, but with less courage, than offensive play.

Zero shot towards the opposite goal. zero. Little time with the ball and no counter-attack for most of the match, save for a few shots at the end, with the opponent getting more erratic.

The usual will defend and praise what was shown, of course. It is clear that Atletico could qualify, but the cowardly style is not worthy of praise from those who are not part of the friend group.

But the worst and most detrimental to the sport is even just the poor judgment of Luiz Flávio de Oliveira. Football has been criticized, as has the veteran coach’s team with its long-standing rejection of the game itself.

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