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Record: Scotch whiskey sold for R$101 million in UK |  economy

Record: Scotch whiskey sold for R$101 million in UK | economy


The distillery sold a cask of whiskey for 16 million pounds sterling

A rare cask of Scotch whiskey made in 1975 was sold to a private collector in Asia for £16m on Friday. A new world record value ever paid for a single malt.

The drink has Brazilian ingredients. The whiskey’s tasting notes describe its aroma: “Brazil nuts in caramel fill the nose, followed by linseed oil, a hint of flowering blackberry, sweet, aromatic charcoal smoke and a hint of tobacco.”

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The barrel sold has a capacity for 440 bottles, each valued at 36 thousand pounds sterling (equivalent to R$ 227 thousand). Last month, a cask of The Macallan 1988 whiskey sold at auction for £1 million. Called Cask No. 3, the spirit is produced at Ardbeg, a 207-year-old company on the Scottish island of Islay.

According to experts consulted by the British television network BBC and the newspaper The Guardian, the value of the sale surpassed all auction records for a barrel of single malt.

The company pledged to donate 1 million pounds (R$ 6.3 million) of proceeds from barrel sales. The money will be used for local community projects for the next five years.

“This sale is a source of pride for everyone in the Ardbeg community who made our journey possible. 25 years ago, Ardbeg was on the brink of extinction, but today it is one of the most sought-after whiskeys in the world,” he said. Ardbeg. The company’s chief executive, Thomas Moradpour, told the BBC.

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