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Record broadcast cut of A Fazenda 15 and the fight between Lucas and Black · TV News

Record broadcast cut of A Fazenda 15 and the fight between Lucas and Black · TV News

A Fazenda 15 has been cut off from streaming on PlayPlus following the fight between Cezar Black and Lucas Souza on Monday (20). The reality show management asked the competitors to stay in separate rooms. After the break, the cameras returned with Jacqueline Grohalski, the soldier’s former friend, angry and crying.

Jacqueline was comforted by Marcia Fu and Andre Gonsalves. She was angry about Black’s speculation about her relationship with Souza. The nurse criticized the financial coach for keeping a photo with his ex-wife, Jojo Tudinho, at the head of the bed.

“He and I are the ones who know my relationship with Lucas. Don’t talk about my relationship with Lucas, we are not like him. [Cezar]”, mentioned.

The former BBB also questioned Black’s date request with Kally Fonseca. “He’s a trash boy, he kept kicking the girl out of his bed when she was drunk. I have a grudge against him, he doesn’t know how to treat a woman and now he wants to change. Damn him,” Lucas asked me. “Being his girlfriend and us being together for a long time.”

“This man is corrupt, dirty. Are you going to be upset because of this man? Are you crazy? Oh my God. We can’t do anything, not even play, only they can,” Marcia helped. Jacqueline added: “They don’t even respect us as women, these cowards. They wanted to take the boy away from him and get him expelled again. They even said the audio car came because of him.”

Watch the previous BBB spree:

What happened?

After starring in a shack with Lucas Sousa, Cesar Black accused his rival in A Fazenda 15. The full fight between the nurse and Jojo Tudinho’s ex-husband was not shown to PlayPlus subscribers this Monday (20). “He spit in my face,” one pedestrian said.

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During a conversation with his quarantined colleagues, the health professional said that he was the victim of an attack by his rival and stated that he was pretending to be a different person.

“He came up to me again and spat in my face! This is a man with a beautiful, wonderful heart. Very balanced and controlled. He pretends all the time to be someone he’s not. Pretends all the time! He came in with this talk that he wouldn’t drink, because he made a promise. Outside getting drunk At every party.

Lucas in turn went to the animal area and started crying hard after the confusion. “Leave it alone. Don’t let him talk about you,” advised Jacqueline, the former soldier’s friend.

Then think about ringing the bell to leave the competition for the R$1.5 million prize. “I’m thinking, ‘I love you. I’m sorry if I hurt you,'” he said. “Be quiet. Please, look here, promise you won’t hit. Promise. I won’t accept it,” the former BBB pleaded.