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Real Madrid trample on Barcelona: Whoever owns Benzema, Vinnie Junior and Modric can do anything – 04/05/2023

Real Madrid trample on Barcelona: Whoever owns Benzema, Vinnie Junior and Modric can do anything – 04/05/2023

The day started with the hearts of all Brazilians, in fact, from all over the world. But my job is as a sports columnist and commentator, and even with my heart broken by the Blumenau tragedy, I did what I had to do: watch the historic derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

This was the second match in the Copa del Rey semi-final, and the first that coach Xavi’s team won, at the Santiago Bernabéu, by 1 x 0. Barcelona were doing well in this derby, and I think, like most people, it will be a difficult match, with Real. Madrid is in difficulty.

But whoever owns Benzema, Vinicius Jr and Modric can do anything and should always dream, because this team has no limits to play against anyone and anywhere.

In the quarter-finals of the Champions League, this team went there at Anfield Road and scored 5-2 against Liverpool, Benzema and Vinicius Junior scored two goals each. And again, Carlo Ancelotti’s team went to the court of a great rival and did not even know anything. Barcelona has been trampled by a display by all the players, but mainly by the trio I have already highlighted.

The first half was balanced, Barcelona could have been a bit better. But Madrid has the brains and the class in Modric – he has the footballing dynamics. He was the man who put on a show against Brazil in the Qatar Cup, and today he did the same.

Allowing him to play asks to lose the game. The Croatian carries the ball when he needs to, paces the game when necessary, touches first when he wants to make the team spin, and always kicks from outside the area with precision. But the most he does is leave a player in front of the goal, and this is what Benzema did in the second goal for Real Madrid.

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After that goal, the “cattle went through” everything, and Vinicius Jr. and the French jersey number 9 started the show. The Brazilian received a penalty kick, since no defender could stop him. Guess what: Benzema’s third goal of the match.

The other two goals came from hand counter attacks. The first, at the end of the first half, left Vinicius’ foot, and played for Benzema, who brought it back, so the Brazilian opened the scoring.

At the end of the match, they played a similar move, where Vinicius Junior showed speed, ball control and intelligence, because he had a teammate on the left side who sneaked in and chose to pass to the Frenchman to score his third goal, the fourth of his goal. The match, killing the match and eliminating Barcelona with a defeat at the Camp Nou.

Whenever the end of the European season begins to arrive, Real Madrid grows bigger and tramples on those in front of it. In the Champions League, he will face Chelsea, as in the previous season, and if he succeeds, he will face Bayern Munich or Manchester City. Therefore, he will have to repeat what he did in the last title and show that he is ready for anyone.

With Real Madrid on the field, nothing is impossible.