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Real Arenas talks about a “non-targeted attack” by Leila and refers to a fight with Palmeiras in court – Notícias do Palmeiras

Real Arenas talks about a “non-targeted attack” by Leila and refers to a fight with Palmeiras in court – Notícias do Palmeiras

On Tuesday night (30), Real Arenas/WTorre released a statement about opening a criminal investigation to investigate the company responsible for Allianz Parque. Verdão is charging the construction company more than R$127 million that hasn’t been passed on since 2015 in reference to the arena’s revenue. The action is requested from Palm trees.

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The statement read:

Real Arenas has no official knowledge of the information published in the press regarding the opening of the police report and rejects this new unilateral attack by President Leila Pereira.

The Director has repeatedly disrespected the decisions of the Arbitration Court, which are processed confidentially, and is trying unjustifiably to damage the reputation of the partner company of SEP.

This new and unreasonable attack is no match for the serious management of Real Arenas, which has invested in the construction of Allianz Parque, recognized as the best arena in Latin America.

We are puzzled by the sudden change in the situation. In recent years, we have had peaceful negotiations regarding credit and debt on both sides.

We are also very surprised that this new reality is happening with the arrangement of someone who is a customer of Real Arenas in renting cabins and services to run them without interruption since 2017, as a manager of Crefisa.

We deplore this new chapter in disrespecting arbitral powers in negotiations and will maintain our position on handling legal proceedings in appropriate forums.

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According to a document sent to the 24th Police Department, Palmeiras’ request is to investigate possible embezzlement and criminal association crimes. For this, there is also a request to ban the assets, values ​​and accounts of Real Arenas and its managers, and the breach of the company’s banking secrecy since November 2014.

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The club claims that it has not received all the money stipulated in the contract. According to the agreement concluded between the club and the company, the team is entitled to percentages that grow over the 30 years of the agreement with the construction company, referring to renting the arena for performances, exploring sectors, and renting boxes and chairs. , plus naming rights.

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At the current stage of the contract, which relates to 5 to 10 years from the opening of the Arena, 25% of the amounts must be transferred to Verdão. However, since Allianz Parque opened in November 2014, the transfers have been made in just seven months, between November and December 2014, and January to June 2015—excluding May of that year. However, construction company WTorre provides a monthly report of the amounts to be transferred, but does not make the payment.

The values ​​and the situation in financing have been the cause of fighting between the parties in court since 2017, through an executive measure implemented by Palmeiras entitled Extrajudicial. Without progressing in the judicial field, the police were called.

The Arena do Palmeiras franchise with WTorre is valid for 30 years. The opening date of the stadium took effect in November 2014, meaning that the contract between the club and the construction company is valid until November 2044.