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Re-launched by Andrzej Barsinsky, a book that captures the essence of 90’s music

Re-launched by Andrzej Barsinsky, a book that captures the essence of 90’s music

For music lovers in Brazil, journalist André Barsiński was “the right person in the right place at the right time”. During a tour of the United States at the end of 1991 to see and interview some of the most popular bands and musicians of the time, the Brazilian saw the grunge explosion happen right in front of his nose, without imagining how much this scene would affect pop culture. The reports, interviews, and meetings were published the following year in “Noise – A Journey Through the Underground of American Rock,” a book that won the 1993 Jabuti Prize in the “Reportage” category and has just won a deluxe new edition, and expanded to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

“I think I was very lucky to be in the States when Nirvana started, and at a time when great records are being released every week. I was lucky to make Noise, because it captured the zeitgeist,” says Barcinski. GLMRM About working with material with the Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, The Cramps, Jello Biafra, Mudhoney, and many more. “It was a time when there were few sources of information in Brazil, so the book was very important to many people, especially in the interior and outside the capitals,” he adds.

Author of eight books, author and screenwriter of “O Rei da TV”, a series about Silvio Santos, and director of the documentary “História Secreta do Pop Brasileiro”, among many other famous activities and releases during his career, Barcinski recalls that it was not the interviews and coverage of Concerts at Terra do Uncle Sam are uncertain, because in a pre-Internet era where everything was arranged via fax, there was no guarantee that the arrangement could actually happen. “A lot has been done impromptu,” he says. In fact, one of the journalist’s reasons for regret was that he had “ignored” Pear Jam.

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“Epic management called me offering to watch a band that was playing in San Francisco called Pearl Jam. But I refused, I preferred to go to another show. They had just released ‘Ten’ and I didn’t even know them. Today I would have liked to have seen them in a small venue and interviewed them.”

Another memorable record immortalized in “Barulho” is a review of Nirvana’s historic show at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. Until then, the trio led by Kurt Cobain was unknown to the Brazilian public. “I arranged with Sub Pop to interview Nirvana after this show, but I got to the US the same day ‘Nevermind’ was released, and in the 45 days I was there, they went from unknown to biggest band in the world. I mean, it was impossible. This show became an event. There was MTV at the door, five hundred journalists covering it… I even went into the dressing room, but they didn’t have the slightest requirement to talk to me.”

Cover of “30 Years Noise”. Photo: Disclosure

Deluxe version

The new edition of the book, titled “Barulho 30 Anos,” features an introduction by Marcelo D2, brings the entire original text and part two, “Mais Noulho,” with 70 additional pages and 60 unpublished photos of Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Eurythmics, and Flaming Lips, Hole, Iggy Pop, L7, Legião Urbana, Moby, Soundgarden and more. From this new material, Barkinski highlights the photo he took of the last meeting between Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho, at a show in Canicao in Rio de Janeiro, and of which he is proud.

“It’s a great photo that’s very much reproduced and it makes me really proud to have taken it because I’m such a huge fan of both of them. I consider it very important.”

Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho. Photo: Andrzej Barkinsky

still related to?

Without a doubt, the original version of “Barulho” pointed many people towards the good sounds of the ’90s, and today it’s still considered a kind of “alternative rock bible.” However, in connection with the relaunch, there is an interesting question to be asked: will, after thirty years, a work, which depicts the artists of the time, gain the attention of young people and the current generation of music consumers? For Barcinski, the answer is affirmative and “still certainly appropriate.”

“I’m a fan of my 14-year-old daughter who loves Nirvana. Another artist she listens to a lot is The Cramps because he plays on the[Netflix]series Wandinha. Things are cyclical, they come and go. I hope a lot of young people get to read Noise 30 Years.” And start listening to those bands.”

“Barulho 30 Anos” is a standalone release by the author, and it can be purchased through a crowdfunding campaign that runs until April 30th. Check it out at support.se/barulho30anos.

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Joey Ramone at his home in New York. Photo: Andrzej Barkinsky