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Re-appointment of the management of the Institute of Social and Applied Sciences

May 13, 2022 Investment ICSA Photo Alexandre de Moraes 265

At the inaugural ceremony held last Friday, May 13, the Dean of the UFPA, Emmanuel Zagori-Turinho, reappointed Professors Armando Lirio and Paulo Moreira Pinto to the positions of Director-General and Deputy Director, respectively, of the Institute of Sciences, Social and Applied Studies of the Federal University of Barra (ICSA/ UFPA). The members of the Board of Directors have been re-elected by the Institute’s community for the four-year term 2022-2026.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Vice President Gilmar Pereira da Silva, Vice President of the University, other representatives of senior management, academic units, students, professors, technical and administrative staff of the UFPA, in the auditorium of the Institute of Education. Science (ICED), on the Guam campus, in Belem. Also participating in the ceremony were parliamentarians from Para and representatives of the regional boards of directors and accounting.

May 13, 2022 Investment ICSA Photo Alexandre de Moraes 187In a sentimental speech General Manager Appointed spoke About context Social – Political – Economic In Brazil, to highlight the role of applied social sciences in a more democratic, popular and inclusive national reconstruction project. “ICSA management – new challenges, in this micro-social world, are shaped on the basis of these principles, in order to This is amazing, Over the past four years, we have endeavored to open up dialogues, listen to people, and propose an innovative management agenda regarding the diversity and trajectory of the institute’s current knowledge areas, with a view to developing our academic sub-units and Administrative, With the aim of reducing or even bringing to an end our internal disparities,” Armando Lirio evaluated, thanking senior management for their partnership.

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May 13, 2022 Investment ICSA Photo Alexandre de Moraes 62The Deputy Director spoke about the achievements and challenges over the next four years. “Before we got here to celebrate, we were opening Baby changing room From ICSA, but there is already the demand, It is a nursery. This is the slogan. If we have already progressed a lot at ICSA, we certainly have a lot to go on and that will be our pursuit. It will not be just a continuity. “We have obligations,” said Paulo Moreira Pinto.

May 13, 2022 Investment ICSA Photo Alexandre de Moraes 184ICSA currently has five postgraduate programmes: in Economics (Master’s and Ph.D.); in Social Work (Master and PhD), in Information Sciences (MSc), in Applied Economics (Professional Master) and in Management (Master), as well as an inter-institutional Ph.D. in Control and Accounting, a partnership between the UFPA and the University of São Paulo, Campus From Ribeirao Preto. It also includes the faculties of management, archival sciences, librarianship, accounting sciences, economic sciences, social work and tourism. In all, there are more than 160 active research, extension and teaching projects in institute.

Every swearing-in ceremony is a moment of joy because it is a moment University He explains that her work has been carried out in a democratic and welcoming manner,” welcoming the Vice-Chancellor, Gilmar Pereira da Silva, wishing the principals success. newly appointed.

May 13, 2022 Investment ICSA Photo Alexandre de Moraes 255“Over the past six years, the UFPA has opened more than thirty courses, doubled its scholarly output and forged unprecedented partnerships with social movements and governance environments. We are committed to making a difference in this country. The Institute of Applied Social Sciences is an example of such changes, either with new courses or with the expansion of its physical structure, whose work will soon be delivered. There is an ongoing effort to improve our academic and scientific performance and we know we can count on ICSA”, confirmed Dean Emmanuel Torino, thanking the reappointed directors for their efforts. The Rector concluded his speech by assessing the challenges he faces Universities In recent years, he highlighted the social role of the institution in defending democracy and the political, social and educational achievements in the state.

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Text: Edmy Gomez – Corporate Communications Advisor at the Association of American Universities
Photos: Alexandre de Moraes – Ascom UFPA