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Rats attack UK airline staff – News

A summary of the news

  • Airline staff complain about rat infestation.
  • Rodents will infest a room used as a resting place.
  • People say that animals climb on their feet and even on their hands.
  • The situation started in September last year and is still unresolved.

Point into the staff lounge at the airport
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Rats attack Ryanair staff inside a lounge at Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom.

It is estimated that the rodent infestation affects about 500 workers who depend on the space between working hours and shifts. This information was published by the Liverpool Echo.

An employee of the company, who did not want to be named, told the news portal that the animals even climb on the legs and arms of humans and run around their legs. “One of them jumped on my colleague’s shoulder while he was sleeping. Basically, we were their playground,” he said.

There is also a report of a woman with a fear of rats who suffered an anxiety attack after being infected at work.

Officials say the outbreak started in September last year and the airline and airport management were informed about the situation.

The airport says it was notified of the rats in December and a service was hired to deal with the case.

The staff pressure the airline and the airport and register daily complaints about rodents in the break room.

“We are aware of a pest problem in an area used by Ryanair. We are working with the airline and have appointed pest control experts to resolve this as soon as possible,” a Manchester Airport spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo.

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