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Rapper Mat Goat releases a clip with Robgol inspired by Paysandu

Pará’s Rapper Mat Goat presents his latest segment titled “Babayaga”, which means Boogeyman, a name that refers to Paysandu, one of the greatest soccer powerhouses in the northern region of Brazil. The artist’s new work is already available on DOL Music, the DOL music platform.

The song “Babayaga” is a composition by singer Math Goat and is played in the drill genre, a subgenre of rap that emerged in the late 2000s, on the streets of Chicago. The beat reinvented itself in the UK, and quickly won the hearts of many artists, Brazilians, and Matt, who stuck to the style.

Like every piece I do, this song also brings motivation and tries to show the strength that comes from the North. In it I talk about dreams, overcoming difficulties in my career, in life and how to learn to deal with all of this, keep my style and my jewelry around my neck. I think That is the best definition I can describe.”

The song was written by Matt |Photo: John Wesley


The clip was recorded in three locations in Belém: Estádio da Curuzu, Mangueirão, and a sports stadium. Matt was responsible for the entire music and audiovisual production, which ranged from mixing and script writing to editing and finishing the music video. He has also collaborated with associates Melson Duarte, John Wesley, Igor Cativo, Caio Romano, Albert Pimentel, Abrahan Joy, F.E.Rex and Eric D.

📷 Estádio do Mangueirão was also the setting for recording the clip |Photo: John Wesley

The singer says that the idea to record the clip came from his passion for Bicolor. “First, I wrote the lyrics, recorded the vocals, and thought of making a generic song, but with reference to a club that I’ve been rooting for since I was young, which is Paysandu. The idea was to blend experiences from the peripheries such as overcoming, motivation, difficulties, and bragging, however, without referring directly To the club. In short, the idea was to blend the essence of the artist with the essence of the club with references in the lyrics. However, when I presented the project to the (Paysandu) Foundation, they immediately embraced it. Then I decided to show something live in the clip, wearing a two-tone T-shirt and recording it. On the same pitch,” the singer details.

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a surprise

This version of the clip corresponds to the date that marked the club’s history, because on May 26, 1991, Paysandu won its first title in Brasileirão da Série B, by defeating Guarani-SP. And the singer’s passion made him a surprise in the clip: the participation of the scorer, Robjol.

“In the lyrics I quote one of the club’s greatest goalscorers, ‘Robgol’. He was a part of my childhood and reminds me of the matches I used to go to with my dad on the pitch. It was a tribute to him. That’s why I decided to contact him through Instagram independently, just showing clips And my other songs. That’s when I asked him if he could be on this last clip that I was producing. To my surprise, his team replied and said he’d take part. I was happy and surprised. A week later, I was there in Curuzu, recording with one of the greatest idols in Paysandu history,” he said.

📷 Robgol and Mat Goat |Photo: John Wesley

a task

Matt says his goal is for people to be able to identify with his story represented in the clip, so that more people and artists can be inspired by him and believe that everyone can do something great, being who they really are and staying true to their essence. “I want to show that someone from Para can do anything in the field of art, even if it’s independently. I’ve already released several clips and none of them have had sponsorship or financial help. It’s working to pay for your ideas and get a good result. And the message The other is that we can be great when we speak colloquially nationally, quoting our clubs, and wearing our clothes,” he said.

📷 Paysandu is the heart of the singer |Photo: John Wesley

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For an artist, music is also a way to show his acting ability. “This charade I am always striving for. There are a large number of people who come to talk to me, and they do not believe that I am from Parra, because I am presenting a high level video. I want to change this idea in everyone’s minds by showing that we are the reference now,” he noted.


Matt says having his work published by DOL Music is synonymous with pushing boundaries and crossing boundaries because of the reach of the portal. “DOL Music has helped me for years to expand my music across the state. I am grateful for the opportunity to not only have me, but also other artists doing their work independently. This space is definitely a turning point in any artist’s career; it makes people outside of your cycle know about your art,” he said.


Singer Math Goat (Matheus) is an artist who comes straight from the North of Brazil, building a solid career in rap music since 2017. Coming from the outskirts of Belém, Math Goat started rapping and writing songs due to a dream of becoming an artist, found in rap/trap a way to express himself.

Lacking resources, he learned to produce his own work, from music production to visual production, editing and directing his own segments. In addition, with his knowledge, the rapper was helping other artists from the outskirts of Belém to release their first songs.

He considers rap to be his essence and has always strived to innovate with each release and surprise his fans. Since then it has been fulfilling that mission, bringing news with every launch. Gaining national fame through his works, he has become one of the greatest art references of hip-hop culture in northern Brazil.

countries music

DOL Portal’s music platform, in addition to revealing artists’ new works in an unprecedented and exclusive way, also features interviews and special articles covering the full path of the singers, production behind-the-scenes, challenges and curiosities.

DOL Music: A new platform to promote your music

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The videos are analyzed by the portal’s internal team of journalists, which is responsible for selecting the artists’ clips, and the task of the Ministry of Labor is to publish the works. The production and presentation of the video is the responsibility of the participants. Each artist is entitled to one or more placements on the DOL.

Participation criteria:

– The artist or band must send a statement containing information about the musical track, works and information about the clip to be released;

– The need to send high-resolution photos for publication;

– The music video of the song must not be published to be released exclusively on DOL Music and in FHD 1080p format, resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and extension in MP4;

– The artist needs to record short social media videos for Instagram IGTV, which should be no less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Format in FHD 1080p, resolution 1920x1080px, extension in MP4;

– Short video for social network, max 30 seconds long and can be extended in MP4 format.

– The video can be sent for analysis via email [email protected]


For the artists who intend to participate, it is agreed that the participants authorize Grupo RBA, for an indefinite period, to use their names and images, without any burden and/or compensation due to the parties, to publish this campaign and its results on any type of media.

On two Fridays of the month, the public will check out one of the submitted music releases and all clips will be available for sharing on Grupo RBA’s social networks. DOL Music will focus on interviews and video highlights, which will be produced by the musicians and producers themselves.

Press play and check out the video:

data sheet

Composer: @mathgoat

Win: @erickdi

Mix: mathgoat

Master: @erickdi

Direction: @milson.duartemathgoat

Photos: @milson.duartejohnwesleyIgorcativo @caio_romano82

Drone footage: @walbertpimentel

Screenplay: MathGoat

Color: @abrahanjoyFhyrex

Still photography: @milson.duarte

Executive producer: mathgoat

Editing and ending: mathgoat