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Randolph dislocates his shoulder when trying to save a penalty kick (video)

Randolph dislocates his shoulder when trying to save a penalty kick (video)

“I am fine, now at home, and I appreciate the treatment that the health professionals have received, as I have been very well attended,” Senator and Vice President of CPI at Covid, Randolph Rodrigues, posted on social networks

247 – Covid Senator and CPI Vice President Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) dislocated his shoulder during the opening of a soccer field in Mazagão, a municipality in the Macapá metropolitan region. The incident occurred on Sunday (3) when he was playing as a goalkeeper and tried to defend a penalty kick that was charged by Federal Representative Vinicius Gürgel (PL).

“My friends, I dislocated my right shoulder when I tried to defend a ball this morning, during the opening ceremony of a sports arena in Mazagao. I am fine now at home, and I appreciate the treatment the health team received from the professionals, as I went a lot. And I attended well,” Randolph posted on Twitter.

In another post, on the subject, he posted a photo of his arm propped up by a sling, and he played with the situation. Referring to the Flamengo goalkeeper, he wrote: “When he scores the goal, it’s like that (…). It’s really better to watch Diego Alves.” The injury should not affect the congressman’s participation in Covid’s CPI sessions.

Check out the moment Senator Randolph Rodriguez suffers an injury.

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