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Ramon Diaz demands a fine of almost R million from FIFA and calls for an end to the relationship with Vasco in the Brazilian Federation | Vasco

Ramon Diaz demands a fine of almost R$30 million from FIFA and calls for an end to the relationship with Vasco in the Brazilian Federation | Vasco

New Corinthians coach Ramon Diaz has activated Vasco At FIFA and the Brazilian Confederation. He is demanding a fine of around R$30 million for terminating the contract and is calling for the end of the federal relationship with Rio.

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The Argentine and his son Emiliano Diaz left Vasco at the end of April, after the defeat to Criciuma. The club claims they resigned immediately after the match, while the couple say they found out about their dismissal on social media. The complicated situation has continued ever since.

Vasco has terminated his employment which was due to resignation and has been registered in the government system. This process does not require the employee’s signature. However, there is still the federal link.

Ramon Diaz’s name appears as Vasco’s coach in the CBF system. For the termination to be registered, the coach’s signature is required.

Ramon can sign a work contract with another club. That’s what happened with Corinthians – he signed a contract until the end of 2025. Now, the federal termination with Vasco must be published so that the Sao Paulo team can sign the coach.

Emiliano and Ramon Diaz cheer for Vasco at the Brazilian Football Confederation and FIFA – Photo: Leandro Amorim/Vasco

The application is likely to be accepted and he will be free to register with Corinthians. The main problem is with FIFA.

At the highest level of world football, Ramon Diaz is demanding a fine from Vasco for terminating his contract, as he had a contract with the club until December next year. The club has not yet been referred to FIFA, but it is aware of the matter because it was included in the Brazilian Federation’s process.

To protect itself, Vasco’s legal team has taken statements from players and staff who witnessed what the Sudanese Football Association understands to be Ramon Diaz’s resignation. The club is ready for a legal battle and believes it has strong elements to support its defense. Vasco’s lawyers must collect the fine from the coach and they are confident of winning at FIFA.

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