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Ram launches a short series about the future national pick-up truck (video)

Now yes, images apparently of the future Ram pickup truck, the product that will be manufactured by the American brand and in the first episode, Stellantis highlights the beginning of the project, shown here and in the USA.

The new Stellantis medium pickup truck – remember, it also has a Peugeot Landtrek and a Fiat Toro – is designed for the “common people in South America”, that is, it does not intend to require a visa to enter the United States.

There, Ram will have another mid-range pickup, however, this one will be electric and focused entirely on the North American audience, while here the new pickup will be manufactured for the region in Guyana, Pernambuco.

Ram Pickup National 2

Stellantis’ marketing campaign aims to put the public through the process of creating the new Ram model, which will be higher than the Fiat Toro and also above the Italian brand’s Landtrek-based pickup truck.

Antonio Veloza, President of Stellantis South America, Breno Kamei, Vice President of Ram South America, and Peter Fassbender, Vice President of Design for Stellantis South America, will comment on production, explaining the processes and ideas that led to the new pickup truck.

Ram National Pickup 3

In the photos, we can see the new dual LED headlights, as well as the hood with well visible creases, and it passes the image of durability with two important additions, the “Ram Turbo” logos on its sides.

The term gives us an idea of ​​the “power” as Filosa puts it in the video, which we can imagine with a 272-hp Hurricane 2.0 Turbo, with a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

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Ram National Pickup 4

Since Stellantis cannot reach an audience with the CNH B with the Ram 1500 due to weight, the new national truck may have an updated or larger version of the Multijet 2.0, also with the same automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with drive modes.

In another photo, the truck’s rear cover will be clean and with the Ram name, in addition to the vertical and narrow LED taillights, while the new alloy wheels will highlight the mountain sheep, the symbol of the brand, brought by Dodge.

Ram National Pickup 5

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