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Rains in Republika Srpska: Insurance payment claims already total more than R.88 billion

Rains in Republika Srpska: Insurance payment claims already total more than R$3.88 billion

Residents of Rio Grande do Sul whose homes, cars and businesses were damaged by the floods have already submitted 48,870 claims for compensation to insurance companies. Claims of all types already total R$3.88 billion in the state.

The data was released on Wednesday (19) by the National Confederation of Insurance Companies (CNSeg). Compared to the previous announcement on May 23, the number of orders increased by 108% and values ​​increased by 132%.

The sector that recorded the largest number of compensation requests is the residential and housing sector, with 22.6 thousand requests. The highest value is the Major Risks sector, which includes business coverage, with a value of R$1.32 billion, followed by the Automotive sector, with a value of R$1.27 billion. The agricultural sector recorded 2,200 orders with a total value of 181.6 million Brazilian reais.

The entity’s president, Diogo Oliveira, explains that the numbers should continue to grow in the coming weeks. “The situation has not yet stabilized in Rio Grande do Sul, and this will certainly generate continuity in the claims notification process.”

According to Oliveira, companies work to facilitate service and speed up the payment of compensation when possible. “Many companies are already paying claims, albeit very quickly,” he added, explaining that in the case of commercial insurance assessments, for example, in which it is necessary to carry out inspections in areas that are still flooded, payment may take longer. .

Despite the large number of payment requests, CNseg ensures that companies in this sector are prepared to face these amounts. “These volumes are fully covered by the financial capacity of Brazilian insurance companies. In addition to technical reserves, which are mandatory, they have their own financial assets and the entire national and international reinsurance system.