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Rahal criticizes 'elite' F1 'invasion' of US and asks Indy to go to Europe to counter-attack

Rahal criticizes ‘elite’ F1 ‘invasion’ of US and asks Indy to go to Europe to counter-attack

Indigor driver Graham Rahal competed in Formula 1 and spoke some good things about the genre.

Photo: Indigo / Grand Prix

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IndyCar driver Graham Rahal has not reduced his words to criticizing the expansion of the Formula 1 calendar in the United States. Concerned about such an ‘invasion’, according to the Americans, the opposition to Roger Benske’s administration in the US single-seat faction needs a more serious position – even if it goes to Europe.

Recently, it was announced that F1 will compete in Las Vegas from 2023. Next season, there will be three races on American soil – Miami and Austin in the U.S. circuit are also included in the calendar. According to Rahal, the world’s leading motorsport brand “Eliteist” and shares more attention with IndyCar in the United States.

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Las Vegas Strip hosts third F1 race in the United States (Photo: Breeding)

“We do not have to worry about them kicking us out of business or stealing our fan base – because I think the two complement each other in some way. But IndyCar is now taking a very conservative stance. Marketing of new events,” the American began to explain. “I understand why. Roger Benske bought the business, it was expensive, that’s all. I understand. But you’re trying to come here and play in our world of Formula 1,” he said.

“And guess what? They have a lot of money. F1 is an elite game, has always been, and always will be. IndyCar is not contrary to what people believe. It’s a great place for people to come and race, “said the 33-year-old. “If I were Roger Benske, I would do it now, call the best European circuits and say, ‘Hey, let’s go. If they come to play in our house, they’ll play at home,'” he said. Announced.

Roger Benske has been a force in India since 2020 (Photo: IndyCar)

“Our work is not only for the United States and the global audience, but also for American companies like Oracle – who pay huge sums on F1 – here in the country – who in many ways have transformed their companies into what they are today – not only a great motorsport product, but also a product that connects more with the people,” Rahl said.

Paddockast # 141: Does Leclerc vs Verstappen need F1? Criticized by Graham Rahal (Photo: IndyCar) /

And according to Driver, IndyCar can offer fans things that are not in Formula 1 – something that should be commercially exploited in the eyes of Americans. Graham Rahal finally asked Roger Benske to make a “radical change” to the American single-seat type.

“People look at cars, meet drivers, get autographs, ask questions, you have all the impossible things in Formula 1. My opinion is to sell this even better,” he researched.

“We risk our lives to go on the rails and have a show. Some drivers can’t survive with it. For example, in Texas, there’s no one on the stand. It’s incredibly disgusting. For the championship, but for the drivers and the teams. I hope that F1 will not be ashamed. They have more money than Nasscar and IndyCar, and they will spend it. Here it is, “the pilot concluded.

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