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Rafael Vitti seduces Larissa Manuela and ends up in prison news

Rafael Vitti seduces Larissa Manuela and ends up in prison news

Rafael Fetti dreams of freedom beyond illusion, The next Globo series is at 6 am. In the new plot call released by the network, the character of the actor tells the story of how he will become involved with the young lady Elisa, played by Larissa Manuela, but will suffer because of The intrigues of her father Matthias (Antonio Caloni).

“Whoever sees me arrested and convicted, does not imagine that I am innocent. I am the swindler Davi Jardim and I will tell you my story. Her father [Elisa], a rich and powerful man, did not accept our love. He did everything in his power to separate us and it worked. But there is one thing he did not take away from me: the hope that I would be free again,” the magician tells during the announcement.

In the humor, several scenes from the series are also shown, such as a scene in which the deceiver makes a rose that looks like magic for his lover, and another in which she says that she is ready to face her father to live her great love.

Beyond Illusion is a novel by Alessandra Poggi and Focuses on the saga of David and ElisaVictims of various plots. At a certain point in history, Elisa will die and the boy will be accused of the crime.

Years later, he will be able to escape from prison and choose a new identity. At the same time, he will meet the younger sister of his beloved Isadora, and the girl will be fascinated by him, because she will be identical to her sister.

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her novel Premiere scheduled for FebruaryGlobo call confirms. Due to the outbreak of the new Covid-19, driven by the omicron variant, the broadcaster has decided to empty his studios to keep staff, What delays the registration of unpublished novels?. The measure is expected to last until at least January 30.

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