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Rafael Cortez launches science series on Disney Plus - Metro World News Brazil

Rafael Cortez launches science series on Disney Plus – Metro World News Brazil

In January, live streaming platform Disney Plus launched the series “Volunteers: Everything for Science,” created by the National Geographic Original. The broadcast will begin on the fifth day and will be presented by Rafael Cortez.

In Allure, Rafael Cortez takes the audience on a science adventure that takes as its starting point some common (and uncommon) questions curious minds run through about how things work, then examines the scientific theories behind them and proves them • in a fun way: tested on the human body.

In addition to Cortez, “Volunteers: Tudo pela Ciência” participates five volunteers (Micaela Lapegüe, Armando Álvarez, Camilo Pugliato, Esteban Mascó and Angietta Rodriguez), who, in the name of science, are subject to experiments and analysis of tests, in the best realistic presentation style.

Shown to audiences over 14 years old, the series opens in two parts and consists of four 20-minute episodes. “Voluntários: Tudo pela Ciência” is directed by Pablo Romero and recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a laboratory built entirely for the series.

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Rayssa Leal on Disney Plus

Olympic medalist Rayssa Leal has registered for the series “Tá Tudo Certo”, which debuted in 2022, on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

Produced and directed by Felipe Simaz, the new production is being filmed in São Paulo and the story takes subscribers into a love triangle in the form of a fan, with three names of Brazilian pop music.

In her gorgeous look, the young skater stars opposite singer Gita Delavi, also 13-years-old who will make her television debut.

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Along with Rayssa, Manu Gavassi, Vitória Falcão, Sandra de Sá and Serjão Loroza, the band Hotelo and Nina Fernandes made a special appearance.