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Rafa Kaliman breaks up after his split from Danielle Cowon

Rafa Kaliman breaks up after his split from Danielle Cowon

Cooperation with UOL, in São Paulo

07/04/2021 on 15h06update in 07/04/2021 on 16h01

Rafa Kaliman posted a blast afterwards The end of your relationship with Daniel Cowon. pass Weekend with your family, former-BBB He was cast sitting on a wooden deck near a lake with the moon in the background.

“Even when everything tells you no, keep believing that the best will come. Don’t lose faith and hope even in the most difficult times. Today, look at it. [a lua] It made me feel the butterflies in the stomach of those who believe and always hope for the best and wish the best for others. I’ll still be confident, that’s what feeds me,” the presenter posted.

After eight months of relationship, The difference between influencer and singer It was confirmed by her advisor to UOL. Caon’s team is still not stationed.

When Daniel made a date request for Rafa in November 2020, he drew attention on social media. The fireworks that formed the phrase “Do you want to date me?” , And the country side He admired the influencer, with whom he was secretly related for a few months. The two met prior to the audition at “Big Brother Brasil” and nearly had an affair. After Rafa leaves reality showThey began to meet and reconnect.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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