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Rádio Ciência explains how data optimization research works

Rádio Ciência explains how data optimization research works

The Commission Radio Science It was shared by Edifran Rodrigues Pereira, Professor of Applied Mathematics who explains how to use research for optimization.

Edifran explains that optimization is “the improvement of things, in decision making.”

An example is given in the case of a product. The optimization area, using advanced math and data analysis concepts, verifies that all resources are used in the best possible way in order to increase the profit of that product and optimize time and resources.

The professor also says that it works in conjunction with other areas of knowledge and optimization concepts are applied in other areas, particularly the data analysis part.

In this pandemic period, optimization knowledge has been used to analyze COVID-19 data.

It was a study to create data to determine the capacity of hospitals to provide care, assuming how many people will be infected, as well as predicting the necessary number of doctors that will be needed in hospitals to serve people and thus cooperating with the authorities to make the decision by analyzing the data in optimization.

“We think as the Covid virus, we have to learn to live with it. So the more we study, the more we see how it spreads and the more we try to anticipate the problems, the better the decision will be. The population is no longer suffering as you did here.

Listen to the full interview on player above.

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