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“R$615,000, Textor Jumps for Joy and Lets It Lily”; Palmeiras helps Botafogo close with an above-average midfielder

Palm trees

Alviverde made this decision behind the scenes

© Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF– Textor

a Palm trees It debuted well in the Brazilian championship and beat Cuiaba 2-1 at home. Abel Ferreira was sent off in the first game and complained a lot during the press conference. From the leader’s perspective, he didn’t say anything too much to receive the red and showed that this made him extremely angry.

I honestly don’t understand the red card. The referee was on the other hand, I was complaining about a foul that I thought was on Lopez and the linesman must have confused (with what I said). He must have mixed something up, because then he called the referee. The referee was on the other side, and it was the line factor that explained something. I am very curious to know what he will write on the score sheet, since I have not offended anyone.“, He said.

Referees are tougher and have been instructed to take this kind of attitude. Players didn’t like this situation either and many complain. At the other extreme, a strange behind-the-scenes case caught the attention of Verdão fans. Over the weekend, it was reported Matias Rojas It was even placed on Verdão’s table as an employment proposal.

Palm trees still need reinforcements?

Palm trees still need reinforcements?

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This journalist had already said that Paraguay had been offered an offer, but Alviverde showed no enthusiasm for the signing. All because of the investment, which will be high. The midfielder is asking for a 3-year contract and wages in excess 600 thousand Brazilian realsas well as gloves and other contractual details.

Palmeiras – At that moment – Not willing To close this type of deal and leave Textor, owner of Botafogo, with a clear path to closing the deal. Glorioso does his best to take the athlete and beat the Brazilian team competition.

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