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R$2000 is being paid again today; See who can receive

the attention of the Brazilians. The government recently released a new payment method for certain groups, such as taxi drivers and truck drivers. First, the new payment for the program was introduced by the government through the PEC of Benefits.

In principle, and according to the text of the program, the initiative aims to provide retroactive aid, mainly due to the rise in fuel prices. In this way, the main objective of the released assistance is to provide financial support to the driver so that he can use the value of the vehicle’s expenses.

Understanding how PIX payments of R$2,000 will work – Photo: Notícias Concursos / noticiasconcursos.com.br

Truck Driver Help

First, it is important to clarify that Auxílio Caminhoneiro was created by PEC dos Benefícios in July of this year. According to the text, the feature aims to help self-employed truck drivers with R$1,000 per month until December of this year.

Namely, it is important to clarify that during the month of August, drivers received the first two payments of the program, for a total of two thousand Brazilian reais. However, many deserving citizens ended up not being included in the repayment schedule.

For this reason, the federal government released citizens to settle the data needed to release the benefit. With this, drivers will be able to withdraw the aid retroactively.

According to government data, since September 6, about 140,000 drivers have managed to recover R$2,000 for the months of July and August.

In addition, it is important to note that the PIX amount of R$2,000 will be paid by the federal government through a digital account in the name of the beneficiary. The bank selected for the transfer is Caixa Econômica Federal.

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To transfer funds, the user must perform Download the Caixa Tem app.

It is worth noting that before this amount, more than 190 thousand people had already withdrawn their payment accounts.

Payments will continue until December 31, 2022, taking into account six R$1,000 installments as of August, “taking into account the global limit of R$5.4 billion in resources,” according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Who is receiving today?

Self-employed cargo carriers duly registered with the National Register of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTRC) are contemplated until May 31, 2022.

In addition, professionals must have a valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF. It is worth noting that the monthly payment for the benefits of 1,000 BRL will be made regardless of the number of vehicles in their possession.

According to the government, those who have not yet been able to update the data and self-declare have their deadlines extended to September 12.

In this way, anyone who settles up to the date notified by the government will be able to receive the two retroactive installments and the third, all on the same day i.e. September 24 (see calendar below).

Official PIX payment schedule of R$2000

Auxílio Caminhoneiro payments are made exclusively through the app’s digital social savings account square his. Beneficiaries will have a period of 90 days to transfer funds after the deposit date.

Check dates:

Self-certification deadline payday
July 22 August 9 (1st and 2nd installments)
From 15 to 29 August September 6 (1st and 2nd installments)
September 11 September 24th (3rd batch)
October 9 October 22 (4th batch)
November 13 November 26 (5th batch)
December 4 December 17 (6th batch)
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Pix Caminhoneiro is a social project of the Federal Government approved by the National Congress last July. The program is part of the so-called PEC of Benefits, which issued R$41 billion for use by Planalto during the election year.

In addition to Pix Caminhoneiro, the amount released allowed the government to pay the taxi driver’s allowance also in the normal balance of R$1,000 per month. In short, programs such as Auxílio Brasil and National Gas Vouchers have also recorded an increase in the level.

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