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R$1,000 withdrawn from FGTS: CAIXA still launches rescue operations for workers

Deadline for implementing the exceptional withdrawal from FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Box) remains open. The deposits took place between April and June and benefited more than 40 million workers with available balances in their accounts linked to the Guarantee Fund.

Funds are automatically added to the digital savings account opened on behalf of each worker in the app square his. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, if there is no movement of values, it will return to the FGTS accounts with the appropriate correction.

All workers with available balance on FGTS Up to R$1,000 can be withdrawn. Altogether, about R$30 billion was released to serve the bearers. According to the information, the amounts can be withdrawn until December 15 of that year.

How does the scale move?

As mentioned, the amounts have been deposited in square his. Through the platform, workers can pay bills and bills, use a virtual debit card for online purchases, recharge their mobile phones and pay for purchases made in establishments using the QR code on the devices.

The app also allows money to be transferred via Pix or withdrawn without a specific card. All you have to do is go to the ATM or the lottery and generate the withdrawal code in the application. Once done, enter the code generated on the platform and get a refund.

Do I have to quit?

no. Withdrawal is optional for the worker, i.e. it is up to him to get the money back or not. If a citizen is not interested in withdrawing, they must inform the decision through the FGTS application or at Caixa branches.

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Even if credit is offered in a digital social savings account, the worker can still choose to roll back the automatic credit, only accessing said channels until November 10.

Finally, it should be noted that the amounts can only be transferred after they are entered. It turns out that after December 15, the money will be returned to the FGTS account after being duly corrected.

Service channels

First, in case of doubt, the worker will have the following service channels:

FGTS Application and Caixa Econômica Federal Agencies:

  • Consult the amount to be deposited;
  • Check credit history in a digital social savings account;
  • Inform that you do not want to receive credit for the amount;
  • request to return the amount deposited in the FGTS account;
  • Finally, change the registration to create a digital social savings account.

Website fgts.caixa.gov.br:

  • First, consult if the worker has the right to exceptional withdrawal from the FGTS;
  • Finally, check the credit history in your digital social savings account.

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