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Quinn, Alicia Keys and Ricky Martin join the US Library of Congress collection

The Queen’s songs and albums for Alicia Keys and Ricky Martin are included in the Recording Registry of the United States Library of Congress. The decision is a kind of seal: the moment they are chosen to be part of the Foundation’s collection, the songs officially become part of the country’s cultural memory, considered timeless classics.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody album was selected; From Alicia Keys, her debut album, Songs in A Minor, which included songs like Fallin. Ricky Martin joined the group with Livin’ la Vida Loca. Other artists include Bonnie Wright (Nick Times) and Linda Ronstadt (CanciĆ³n de Mi Padre).

Duke Fekir said, “When we recorded the song, I have to admit we didn’t even know whether it should have been recorded or not. So we never thought it would be selected for the Library of Congress’ Historic Recording List.” The last remaining member of the group.

The library also lists recordings outside the field of music. Among them are this year’s collection of speeches by President Franklin Roosevelt and baseball player Hank Aaron’s No. 715 novel directed by Milo Hamilton.

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