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Quina 5730

Quina 5730 results for Tuesday (12/21/21)

The draw for the result of the KOENA 5730 will take place on Tuesday 14th December from 20:00 (GMT). The event takes place in Espaço da Sorte, in Bela Vista, São Paulo, and the prize money is estimated at R$700,000.

Quina 5730 نتائج results

The numbers plotted in today’s Quina results were: 13-56-59-61-63.


How do you win prizes in Quina?

In order to win a prize, bettors must be lucky enough to match two, three, four or five scores from the result of the Quina 5730 contest. The value is equal between the two parties.

No segment of the method pays a fixed amount to the winners, as Caixa distributes a portion of the amount collected in the raffle to all bands.

The probability of a player getting the Quina 5730 quiz result correctly is one of more than 24 million simple five-digit bets. According to Caixa, the chance of winning the jackpot by playing with 15 numbers is one in around eight million.

Do you accumulate the Quina prize? If you do not have a correct Quina 5730 score today in any squad, the prize will accrue to the next competition, in the 1st prize squad.

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How do you get the award?

Lucky people can get any amount at Caixa branches, but if the amount reaches R$ 1903.98, it is also possible to draw at lottery outlets. Online betting prize winners have a third option which is to transfer money to a Mercado Pago account.

The deadline for receipt of funds is up to 90 calendar days starting with the Quina 5730 result withdrawal today. After this period, the funds are transferred to the National Treasury for investment in FIES (Higher Education Student Finance Fund).

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