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Queer Eye Shows Trailer Fab Five in Texas Season 6

Queer Eye Shows Trailer Fab Five in Texas Season 6

Queer Eye About to launch its sixth season, but in a different place! The group is preparing to go to Austin, the capital of Texas, in the United States. Netflix was announced through a trailer that was posted on social media. Watch above.

In Fun Media, Bobby Burke, Tan France, Anthony Borowski, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness dance in cowboy dresses to celebrate the return of the award-winning series. In addition to the trailer, the new season in Austin has got new official pictures of the Fab Five for the character. research:

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Queer Eye 6 It arrives after five successful and exciting seasons, passing through Georgia, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. It’s been 15 years since then Queer Eye for straight men A revolution in reality shows. For the Netflix original, the Fab Five continues to deliver a modern aesthetic around the world, with more variety and a great new cast.

Anthony Borowski (Food and Wine), Bobby Burke (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Jonathan Van Ness (Appearance) and Tan France (Fashion) make up this Emmy Award winning team. On the agenda, topics such as LGBTQ rights, social issues, guacamole recipes and much more make up amazing episodes that have attracted fans all over the world.

The cast of Queer Eye is very much ready for the sixth season of the reality show (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

Queer Eye It returns to Netflix on December 31 for its sixth season. Brazilian version Queer Eye BrazilIt will feature Fred Nicasio (wellness), Goto Rechina (design), Rica Piñozati (style), Luca Scarpelli (culture) and Johan Nicholas (beauty), but has no release date on the streaming platform.

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