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Queen Elizabeth II's coronation dress on display at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation dress on display at Windsor Castle

The dress that Queen Elizabeth II wore on her coronation day will be displayed in honor of the Queen’s platinum jubilee, which marks the 70th anniversary of her reign. “Probably one of the most important dresses made in the 20th century, and certainly a wonderful piece of British design,” says Caroline de Guetto, curator of the gallery.

The gown will be displayed alongside the jewelry the Queen wore on June 2, 1952, the day of her coronation, from Thursday 7, at Windsor Castle. “The combination of rich fabrics and truly beautiful embroidery was the absolute signature of [Norman] “I think Hartnell and I are the greatest expressions of his entire career,” said the curator.

The exhibition, titled “The Platinum Jubilee: The Coronation of the Queen,” will display the Queen’s gown for the third time in 69 years.

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The Queen is known to have been heavily involved in the design process of her gown, which was created in the Duchess’ finest white satin, richly embroidered in mesh effect with the iconic scheme of floral emblems in gold and silver threads and pastel-colored silk. Encrusted with pearls, sequins and crystals.

Norman Hartnell, the designer who made the Queen’s dress and who also designed her 1947 wedding dress, created eight drawings, but it was the ninth, which featured floral emblems from the United Kingdom, which the Queen liked the most, but had some requests. additional.

“I made two other suggestions to Hartnell, that the emblems be embroidered with colored silk, in addition to the embellishment with pearls and beads. It should also embody the emblems of the countries that will become its queen, the independence of countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc.,” says de Guito. Due to the nature of the embroidery, the dress is estimated to weigh at least 5kg.

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The exhibition, which runs from July 7 to September 26, includes the diamond necklace and earrings that the Queen wore on her coronation. The necklace was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1858 and manufactured by Garrard & Co. It has been worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, the Queen Mother and the current Queen.