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Puma comes close to residing in the United States and impresses residents; Video

The video that shows a cougar approaching the entrance to a house in California in the United States and frightening the occupant, returned to its repercussions on social media on Saturday. An Instagram post garnered nearly 56,000 views over a five-hour period, splitting opinions between the most skeptical netizens and those who were surprised and admitted they would also be surprised if something similar happened to them.

“So? What’s wrong with that?” one person asked in a comment on the post.

“Well, cougars are very mysterious… I mean you never know their mood… they can make sudden movements in the blink of an eye… I’m from Silverfalls, Portland, and believe me, I know about them,” a user said in response.

“Exactly. It’s unexpected,” said one netizen.

Another one commented: “This woman needs to relax.”

“Why is she afraid? He’s not inside,” one social network user criticized. Another person’s comment added “Not yet”.

According to ABC, the meeting took place on the night of April 27 in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County. The author of the video, Danielle Glaser, said that while the big cat was standing on the roof of the house, he seemed to be watching something inside his dwelling through the window, in his opinion, where the family cat was lying in it. In front of the wood stove.

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