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Public school students visit Bosque das Ciências for the school's science program

Public school students visit Bosque das Ciências for the school’s science program

Participate primary school students on a guided tour

Photo: Eduardo Cavalcanti / Seduc-AM

Two years after closing its doors to visitors, on Friday (20/05) Bosque das Ciencias welcomed students from Adalberto Valley State School south of Manaus to an interactive science class. The visit was part of the Science at School (PCE) project of the National Research Institute of the Amazon (Inpa). The space remains closed to the general public.

Currently, visits are only to schools that have participated in the School Science Lesson Plan Competition (PCE). The other visit that is still going on is the institutional visit, by the authorities, managers, partners and others.

take photo: Eduardo Cavalcanti / Seduc-AM

The school is the first to visit Bosque, with the first visit taking place on Tuesday (17/05) and the second on Friday. In all, 80 students from sixth to ninth grade of elementary school were able to participate in the class. Students take a guided tour, focusing on the lesson plan submitted to the first Bosque da Ciência Lesson Plan Competition.

With the aim of improving science teaching in Amazonas, and focusing on students from public schools in Manaus, the activity allows students to learn about the nature, history and animals of Enba, as well as focus on the school’s lesson plans, such as bees and the importance of the ecosystem.

The school’s science teacher, Helena Monteiro Vialho, commented on how to introduce a bee-focused teaching plan to the competition and thus be able to bring young people on visit.

“I was able to take part in a visit here in the woods and found beekeeping to be very interesting, so I wanted to introduce this knowledge to the students, and I saw this opportunity in the competition. Bringing the students here in person is very good, as showing the ecological importance of bees, how they live, And how it pollinates and contributes to the environment is essential to learning,” says the teacher.

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Student Judson Mauro Santos, 15, says he knows nothing about the existence and importance of the forest, so it is a pleasure to share this visit with his colleagues.

“The experience of being here in the woods is learning new knowledge. I really enjoy it because it is something new to me and my colleagues, and I knew nothing about the forest, so being able to come and learn about the bees and the animals is really cool,” says Judson.