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PSol considers the reform of IPE Saúde “not possible” and repudiates Piratini’s debts

PSol considers the reform of IPE Saúde “not possible” and repudiates Piratini’s debts

The deputies of the PSol Council were in the Legislative Council of the Piratini Palace at the end of the Friday afternoon, where they participated in the round of meetings with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civic House, Artur Lemos, and with the Director of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. IPE Saúde, Bruno Jatene, about The draft to be sent to the legislature in May. Luciana Genro and Matheus Gomes delivered a letter with a series of questions to the executive branch, among which were the implications of the proposed reformulation of the plan and, principally, the debts of the executive, legislative and judicial branches with the institute. “We came primarily to hear, but also to question the numbers we received from the servers that are part of the IPE Council,” said MP Luciana Genro, who leads the PSol seat.

On the first design of the government’s Eduardo Leite Project (PSDB) for the health plan, Luciana Genro considers it “useless for the server”. According to the state’s deputy, according to the monthly fee schedules presented, the plan is among the lowest wages and will not be attractive, contrary to what the government advocates. “The danger we see in the government’s proposal is that there is a solution, especially in the issue of dependents. Dependents with low wages will pay a very high amount for their income. This distortion will cause them to get out,” he said. Believes.

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Among those who don’t pay today, Luciana stresses, this scramble won’t have an impact on the plan, as they are exempt, but as fees and eventual mass exodus apply, it could lead to increased demand from the consolidated unit. Health System (SUS).

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debt dispute

According to the parliamentarian, based on data from IPE Saúde’s servers, the amount of debt will reach one billion Brazilian reais, including the debts of the three powers, an amount disputed by the government. Minister Artur Lemos stated that the contribution of R$700 million, with resources from the treasury, which the government had applied still in the previous administration, reduced the value. After the meeting, the deputy said that the head of the National Institute for Postgraduate Studies confirmed the existence of debts, but the debts amount to 350 million Brazilian riyals, of which 96 million Brazilian riyals are from public entities, but the values ​​will be frozen. , by understanding the Court of Accounts.

“What has been raised is that the sum of what will remain today in debt will amount to the payment of the debts that IPE Saúde still owes, in the order of R$ 250 million, and in two months this resource will run out and the recurring deficit will return,” Lemos said. Representative Luciana stated that she understands and takes In consideration of the monthly deficit of IPE Health, but it comes from the lack of adjustment of the salaries of the servants. He believes that “if they had the inflationary alternative to the past years, the IPE would not suffer from the monthly deficit.”

Next Tuesday, Lemos receives PSB, PSDB, União Brasil and MDB seats. The deputies of the PTB and PSD were heard remotely. All this week PP, PDT, PL, Novo, Republicanos and Podemos have been in the Civil House. The Labor Party was, until the end of the article, the only party that did not set a date to participate in the cycle of meetings.

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