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Protests over fuel prices bring down the government in Kazakhstan |  Globalism

Protests over fuel prices bring down the government in Kazakhstan | Globalism

Protesters attacked public buildings and Alami, Kazakhstan’s largest city, on Wednesday (5). The country’s security forces were unable to control the protests, even after the government’s resignation. The demonstrations started due to the increase in fuel prices.

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, had already declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

The president accepted the government’s resignation on Wednesday (5). On Tuesday, the police stopped the demonstrators in the main square of the city of Almaty with stun grenades and tear gas.

A social media broadcast by a Kazakh blogger showed that even the city hall had been set on fire. Other videos posted on the Internet showed a fire in the Public Prosecution Office, near the municipality building.

The demonstrators managed to breach the containment lines imposed by the security forces. Police officers even used stun grenades, which were heard all over the city centre.

Police said more than 200 people were arrested during protests across the country. The police chief said that the city of Almaty was attacked by extremists, and that the army was also used to contain the demonstrations.

foreign investment

Kazakhstan is a former Soviet republic that is trying to establish an image of a politically stable country to attract foreign investment in the oil, gas and metallurgical industries.

Kazakhstan is a major exporter of oil and gas. The protests started due to the rise in LPG prices. It is widely used for fuel in Western Kazakhstan.

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