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Project Sonâncias welcomes musician Felipe Salles

Project Sonâncias welcomes musician Felipe Salles

For those who want to include a musical activity in their weekend schedule, the advice is to enjoy Project Sonâncias in person. US-based Brazilian musician Felipe Salles is the special guest for this third edition, which takes place tomorrow, 8pm, at Sala Bebeto von Buettner of Chorus School of Music, in Jardim das Paineiras. On the musical show, Felipe, who since 2010 has been a professor in the jazz department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, will be accompanied by guitarist Fernando Peta and pianist Guilherme Ribeiro. The repertoire will be dedicated to the music of Minas Gerais with compositions by Milton Nascimento, Le Burgess, Tonino Horta and Beto Geddes.

Active in the North American music scene since 1995, Felipe has worked with important names in world music, such as trumpeter Randy Bricker, saxophonists David Lipman and Jerry Bergonzi, guitarists Lionel Luque and Chico Pinero, pianist Giovino Santos Neto, and singer Luciana. Souza and drummer Bob Moses. The presentation will be divided into two parts of 40 minutes each and during the intermission the audience can chat with the musicians and savor the cappellati at Prudeau, which will be sold in the gastronomic space. Tickets cost between R$40.00 and R$50.00.

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