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Professor Jose Nieves assisted

Professor Jose Nieves assisted

You can help via Pix with the key:

Hello everyone, my name is José Neves Pereira, I live in the city of Santarém-PA and due to a serious health condition I had to look for medical resources in the state of Santa Catarina in the city of Joinville. It all started about 45 days ago, I was diagnosed with grade 3 adiposity which progressed to cirrhosis, aggravating my liver and kidneys. Due to the lack of specific resources in the state of Pará, it had to be transferred to the state of Santa Catarina. Due to my clinical condition, I had to be taken on the mobile intensive care unit plane, which cost R$130,000. Dialysis is necessary for the kidneys, some tests were done but not all tests were available on the SUS network, we had to pay for biopsies because they were done privately, so we are here asking everyone for help. God bless the lives of everyone who helps in some way.

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