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Comitê de Imunização diz que é preferível que as vacinas Pfizer-BioNTech ou Moderna sejam oferecidas a mulheres grávidas no Reino Unido, quando disponíveis.

Produced by vaccination of pregnant women in the UK

The Immunization Committee says that Pfizer-Bioentech or Moderna vaccines are preferred for pregnant women in the UK. (Credit: Reproduction / Bexels)

The Joint Vaccine and Immunization Committee reported [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, JCVI], Data from the United States, about 90,000 women have already been vaccinated, indicating that the drug is safe based on the use of Messenger RNA technology (MRNA).

In the last 24 hours recorded 3,070 deaths in Brazil are from -19 kovit

“Based on these data, the panel suggests that it would be desirable for pregnant women in the United Kingdom to be given Pfizer-BioNTech or Modern vaccines,” the agency advised the administrator.

In total, 32,574,221 people were immunized with the first dose, of whom 8,931,547 had already received the second dose, which is administered between three and 12 weeks.

Of the 4,383,732 confirmed infections since the outbreak, 127,225 have died in the UK.

The Govt-19 epidemic has caused at least 2,987,891 deaths worldwide, resulting in more than 139 million infections, according to a report released by the French company AFP.

The disease is spread by a new corona virus detected in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan in central China.

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