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Procon-SP asks for plans to explain husband’s consent to an IUD

PROCON-SP requests clarifications for 11 health plans after complaining that the agreements require the husband’s permission to implement a contraceptive method (IUD) in married women. Companies Amel, Bradsco Side, Central Nacional Unimed, Notre Dame, Oment, Porto Seguro Happy, Poem, Sombo Happy, Sol America, Unimed Seguros and Vision Med (Golden Cross) were questioned. Filling out a consent form will be necessary for agreements to cover the procedure.

Some insurance companies require the husband’s consent to compensate for the insertion of an IUD in married women. This practice is arbitrary, illegal and unreasonable and degrades the status and dignity of women. We are reporting to these companies to see which ones are making this absurd assumption,” explains Fernando Kepez, CEO of Procon-SP.

Plans have up to 72 hours to provide clarification about coverage provided for temporary or reversible contraceptives, female and male sterilization procedures, and details of the terms and requirements placed on the plan beneficiary, with reference to the legal basis for the specific criteria.

According to Caps, Procon-SP will fine and severely punish companies that use this resource for refusing to cover the actions. “It is not possible to admit that some companies use this kind of justification to not pay and reimburse the insurance. A bad excuse. And I cautioned that a consumer who has gone through this situation should inform Procon-SP.


Through a statement, Unimed do Brasil, the nationwide representative of Unimed, informed that the requirement of spouse consent to IUD implantation is illegal and that the procedure is covered by health plans, being an exclusive decision of the patient, backed by the guidance of your doctor or healthcare team. It also advises that if the patient receives a different orientation, Activate Unimed through the website.

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According to Unimed, the cases reported are accurate and have already been corrected by the cooperatives, which will be monitored by the health and organizational management fields.

“We regret what happened, which goes against the Unimed brand commitment to care. We also reinforce the recommendation to the entire Unimed system, regarding the importance of the standard term for free and informed consent, which must be signed only by the patient and their physician, as a way to preserve the right to information, independence and security in decision-making “.

By noting, Omint responded that she does not require a consent document from the spouse to allow the IUD insertion. “It also states that this procedure is covered by the healthcare plan and does not contain instructions for use. Thus, only a medical request is required to enter it.” A worker also mentioned that he does not exercise this type of requirement.

The report was unable to contact the operators Porto Seguro and Vision Med (Golden Cross). Operators Bradesco Saúde, Notre Dame, Qsaúde, Sompo Saúde and Sul América did not respond to questions from Brazil Agency.